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Storing face_encodings in a database

I’ve been interested in Python for a while now. One thing i like is the possibility to do face recognition. Made a python script based upon a youtube clip from sentdex. The script worked fine and after some tests i… Continue Reading →

Creating Database Diagrams in SQL Server Management Studio can make the application lock up

Got a question today from a colleague. He had an application that could create a diagram for a database. This was an old program (last release in 2009) and it worked with Java. If i was able to install the… Continue Reading →

Gmail “email+” account

This week i found out that Gmail started supporting a function in their email system where you can use a + in your email account. The nice thing about it, is that you don’t have to create an additional email… Continue Reading →

Ping with timestamp

I’m having issues with my internet connection lately. My modem seems to reset it self from time to time. It can work days without issues and then it starts to reset a couple of times without any warning. The internet provider… Continue Reading →

Retrieve FQDN from IP numbers in Nginx access log

I wanted to write a script for expanding my Python knowledge. I ussually create small scripts to accommodate my “problems” or wishes. If you want use it.


Thanks to my birthday gift i created my first python script

A couple of weeks back was my birthday and although i don’t really celebrate, my daughter wanted to get me a gift. Because we’ve gotten a new second hand car with an old tape deck that doesn’t support aux or… Continue Reading →

Print MSSQL TSQL output immediately

Sometimes when you make a SQL script, that loops through a lot of records, you want to print a status. When you do this using print (or select), this will only display the content when the buffer is full. To… Continue Reading →

MongoDB Restore

This weekend our standby had issues with our backup shares, and mainly with the backups from MongoDB. These weren’t compressed or something. When we started using MongoDB we were at version 3.0, so compression (–gzip) wasn’t implemented yet. Now we… Continue Reading →

Zeal and CodeLite a perfect couple….. finally/again

When i script (i don’t program), i do this in CodeLite. This is a nice bit of software (open source) that does the trick for me. Only the last couple of months i couldn’t get Zeal working. The strange thing… Continue Reading →

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