This weekend our standby had issues with our backup shares, and mainly with the backups from MongoDB. These weren’t compressed or something. When we started using MongoDB we were at version 3.0, so compression (–gzip) wasn’t implemented yet. Now we are at version 3.2, compression is possible so we started implementing it. Because we wanted to test the backup AND restore. Backup wasn’t really an issue,┬áchanged the script and added –gzip and executed it.

Restoring was another issue. When starting the command it gave the error “Failed: no reachable servers”. Strang thing was connecting to the server using the mongo command didn’t give an error. After searching a bit i found that removing the parameter “–replSet” should fix the issue. After removing the setting in the service (we are running MongoDB under Windows) and restarting the service, issues were solved. The restore went fine. After the test i added the parameter again and restarted the service.