Since end 1999 every year a radio station and tv channel create a top 2000 based on viewers/listeners top 20 list. Every year i participate in it, but every year i start with my list when the site is open for votes, and after the list is done and compare it to others i think: That number is better then one in my list.

Now we are almost getting to the end of first half of the year, i want to start my top 20 list early. This, so i can remove songs, add songs and write why i have added the song. The list will be in a top 20 style, but for the top 2000 list it doesn’t matter if it’s on number 1 or 20.

  1. Slayer – Angel of Death. Of course the song has a dark tone, but in this case it was a way to make fun of the top 2000. Really heavy songs weren’t a thing and someone wanted the make fun of the list. So a lot of people voted for that song and since 2012 (accept for 2013) it’s in the list every year, even making it to place 171 in
  2. Metallica – One. Not a big Metallica fan, but still love this song. If you see the clip and listen to the song, we are glad that soldiers defend for us, but when they come back not in one peace we don’t really know how to handle it.
  3. Wim Sonneveld – Het Dorp. This is an oldie. It’s about an old village where everyone knew everyone and everything was simpler, but they had to go with the times and modernize. For me it reminds me about going to my grandparents and going down a small alleyway behind the housing block and grandpa and grandma were always happy when we were there. Also from time to time i think the current time we are living are to complicated.
  4. Radiohead – Creep. This song was around when i was at an adolescent age. Radiohead summed it all up in this song.
  5. Pearl Jam – Alive. When i was around 16 my dad had bought a moped to sell it again. When he didn’t sell it, i started using it. Eventually crashed the moped in a car and breaking my collar bone and busted all gristle underneath below my knee cap. After the accident i was happy to be alive.
  6. Red hot chili peppers – Under the bridge. For me the only real good song of RHCP.
  7. BLØF & Geike – Zoutelande. Not a fan of Blof, but the song with Geike Arnaert (a Belgian female singer for Hooverphonic), is an easy listening that takes you to a place in Zeeland to an old sea shack where you are with a couple of friends and you are having a good time and make memories that last.
  8. Within Temptation – Ice queen.
  9. Falco – Jeanny
  10. Oasis – Wonderwall
  11. Marillion – Kayleigh
  12. Volbeat – Sad mans tongue
  13. Doe Maar – Watje. When Doe Maar first broke up I was i think 7 years old. Although I liked the music I didn’t really have an issue with it. Through the years would listen to Doe Maar a lot more and when the reunion was there I wanted to see them. They released a new album and this one was on that album. It really describes the madness that until this day is in our society.
  14. Alice Cooper – Poison
  15. DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow in the sky
  16. Evanescence – Bring me to life
  17. Johnny Cash – Hurt. In every top 20 there should be a Johnny Cash number. This song is a cover from Nine Inch Nails, and although Johnny Cash didn’t write it himself, i think it really tells a tale about the life of him.
  18. Tenacious D – Tribute
  19. Europe – Final Countdown
  20. Jeff Wayne & Justin Hayward – Forever Autumn. When I did my internship at a computer company my colleague had the CD “War of the Worlds” with him, and we listened to it a lot. The more I listen to it, the better it gets, even now. Have seen the show once and would like to see it again.

Reserve list (for now)

  • Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst). Every year during the TV presentation of the Top 2000 there are small documentaries about some songs. I heard this song in early 1980’s on the radio and I really liked the chorus, which are a bit spacy. The song was a tribute to Space Odity of David Bowie. The song (and album) even was translated to English for the world wide audience. The song is on the reserve list for now, but will be in the top 20 before the end of the year.
  • Johnny Cash – Ring of fire. Johnny Cash needs to be on any list. Although this song was first in the Top 20, but i’ve moved this one out of the top 20, and added Hurt to the list.
  • Stiltskin – Inside. Unfortunatly Stiltskin was a one hit wonder. The song they are known for is a nice rock song with a sweeping voice. The singer (Ray Wilson) was even the singer for Genesis from 1996 until 2000.
  • R.E.M. – Losing my religion. A nice uncomplicated song.

This list will be updated through the year. Songs moved into the top 20, some out, some maybe back in. I will document what has changed.

Update 2023-05-17:

  • Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire. out of the top 20, Johnny Cash – Hurt in the top 20.
  • Doe Maar – Sinds een dag of 2 out of the top 20, Doe Maar – Watje in the top 20.

Update 2023-05-25:

  • Stiltskin – Inside: Added to the reserve list.

Update 2023-11-22:

  • Added R.E.M.