Saturday i was placing a fluorescent lamp at my attic. After we moved 5 years ago there was only a small light, so when we needed something from the attic we needed to get it by daylight or we needed to find it by touch. My brother is a construction worker and had brought a couple of lamps of one i could use. Replaced the old small lamp and attached the lamp to a couple of beams with zip ties. Everything worked almost out of the box.

After the lights i went and tried to find stuff so i could bend perspex, so i could create additional presentations plates on my vertical placed IKEA Bertby case. When i went to the attic i had to grab a box from a cabinet. I know i have to step sideways to get te stuf, but instead i stepped backwards and stepped into the stairwell. All i know that i tried to re-balance my self, but it was in vain. I also grabbed the upper side of a plasterboard wall, which broke. Eventually ending in the litter box of our cat.

My Saturday was eventually stopped right in it’s tracks. My left upper arm was a bit sore, my right leg was in the cat litter bin, that leg was also bleeding, my right heel is sore.

Sunday went a little bit better. Until i went to bed. I had to get out of my couch. I lifted myself up on the armrest with my left arm, i felt a pop and could move my arm a bit better. Although my arm is still sore, i can move my arm good again. That was a real issue yesterday, because i had to get a new litter bin. And yes we have a new one, white and pink! 😉

Hopefully the soreness will pass the next couple of days. But i can work and i can still do my hobby.