When i script (i don’t program), i do this in CodeLite. This is a nice bit of software (open source) that does the trick for me. Only the last couple of months i couldn’t get Zeal working. The strange thing was that when i pressed F1 it just started Zeal and it didn’t search the part i had selected. This is easy when you don’t know all possible options for a HTML tag, or a PHP command. Had tried several things, even searched online. Eventually i got it working again. And if you want to know how, here it is:

First check in Zeal if you don’t have the following option set (especially to F1):
Start Zeal, go to General, under the head “Global Shortcuts“. This should be anything except F1. (It shouldn’t be a lot more, but for this example it shouldn’t be F1), click apply and OK.

Next part:
Find the directory that Zeal is installed. Easiest way is to click start, enter Zeal in the “Search programs and files” (W7) and then right click on the Zeal application icon, and the properties. In the new little screen there is a “Start in” box, copy the contents and click cancel. Click on the start button again and type “cmd” (without the “) and hit enter. In the black box type in “cd ” (including the space). Right click in the black screen and select in the menu “Paste” and hit enter. (Please note CTRL+V doesn’t work here). If everything is correct you are in the working directory from Zeal.
type the following commands:
“zeal.exe –unregister” <enter>
“zeal.exe –register” <enter>
if everything went correctly Zeal and CodeLite should be playing nice again. In the black box type in “exit” <enter>. The black box closes again, start CodeLite again and happy scripting/programming/whatever you do in CodeLite.

Hopefully this can help you further, and “if no one else can help you, maybe you can hire the A-team!” 😉