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Print MSSQL TSQL output immediately

Sometimes when you make a SQL script, that loops through a lot of records, you want to print a status. When you do this using print (or select), this will only display the content when the buffer is full. To… Continue Reading →

MongoDB Restore

This weekend our standby had issues with our backup shares, and mainly with the backups from MongoDB. These weren’t compressed or something. When we started using MongoDB we were at version 3.0, so compression (–gzip) wasn’t implemented yet. Now we… Continue Reading →

OSMC 2018.X with Spotweb

After a while it was time to reinstall my Raspberry pi OSMC installation.┬áThe installation was corrupt after some testing with different pieces of software. Well it was time to do a new installation. After a while i found out that… Continue Reading →

Zeal and CodeLite a perfect couple….. finally/again

When i script (i don’t program), i do this in CodeLite. This is a nice bit of software (open source) that does the trick for me. Only the last couple of months i couldn’t get Zeal working. The strange thing… Continue Reading →

Where is ……. Paul Stoddart?

One of my favorite persons in the F1 circus through the years has to be Paul Stoddart. For many reasons, his team (Minardi) was the starting place for different F1 drivers. Think of Justin Wilson, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso but… Continue Reading →

Hardware recycling

One of the things i love to do is open up old hardware that needs to get scrapped. Reason is not to learn from it, but to see if i can reuse stuff from it. Mainly old pc’s i find… Continue Reading →

That hurt!!

Saturday i was placing a fluorescent lamp at my attic. After we moved 5 years ago there was only a small light, so when we needed something from the attic we needed to get it by daylight or we needed… Continue Reading →

Scale models

The people who know me, know that i have a big collection of scale model cars. I got interrested in collecting when i bought a scale model car for my ex- father-in-law. He got the Jenson Button 1:18 Williams car… Continue Reading →

Motorsport Manager is great!

Through the years i’ve played a lot of pc games. In my youth (teens) i’ve played every game i could get my hands on. Some were good, others were crap. Last couple of year my choice of game was Day… Continue Reading →

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